How We are Different

Our Screening

Our recruiters understand the requirement and work closely with the candidate and hiring leaders to bring in a win win between the candidates and organizations utilizing unified process and tools.

Solution SAVVY’s Strategy

Technical Skill Assessment

Technical experts in our payroll and freelancers will screen the profiles as per your needs. 

Soft Skill Assessment

Read candidates well to understand candidates soft skills on top of technical skills (Ability to adapt, Honesty, Action oriented, Integrity, communication and right attitude)

Process and Tools

Utilize AI based 8 step framework to identify the top talent in the market. 

Interview Process

We understand and respect the hiring teams and candidate time, so team does a detail screening to keep the interview interesting in a moderate time. 

Onboarding and Feedbacks

Provide great onboarding and post onboarding experience.

White-glove Customer Service

We like working with you one on one and we are open meeting with you in person to provide the 5 star service and we believe that journey is very important to reach the destination.